Analog MSF5000 returns to life June 2012!

Back in 2004 I come across a UHF MSF5000 repeater. Not knowing anyone with the suitecase programmer, I began experimenting with the codeplug eprom. After several weeks, I succeeded in changing the frequency and PL which allowed me to put it on the air. Once in a while I would experiment, but for the most part ignored the work I started.

In April 2011 I received an email from a fellow ham abroad who asked about ID speed. All information available indicated that the CW settings were hard coded in the firmware. He sent me two codeplug files that had different CW speeds. I was successful in identifying the bytes for speed, but didn't persue the 15 minute timer issue. In June 2012 WR2I and K0TI found my crude Linux program to modify the eprom and the effort was reborn.
K0TI has made some great improvements to my original code. The exciting part is we both stumbled across the byte that changes the ID timer!
The old analog MSF5000 repeaters can now be programmed for proper stand alone operation.

Some basic information on the codeplug is here: MSF5000 codeplug page
I've been working intermittently on a Windows program to edit code plugs. I've added some changes for 800 MHz and possibly fixed a couple bugs.
Here is the lastest version:
It should modify all your current settings.

Here is the older version of the EPROM editor.

You must open a binary copy of your codeplug to edit. Too many bytes are still unknown to create one from scratch.

As of January 2014, I believe UHF, 800 and 900 are correct. I have no VHF sample code plugs to play with that band.
I also added the ability to change the IF frequency just in case UNI-Boards get swapped around.
As of July 19th, 2012, it should allow adding CW callsigns.
On July 31st, 2012, I fixed a checksum bug.
August 11th, 2012, Added band options. VHF and 900 are experimental. I do not have necessary code plugs for testing.
September 2013, Changed 800/900 math. There are still issues here, but it has worked on a commercial 800 pair.